Monday, 27 October 2014

Fall Maintenance Work, Hunting & Fishing News, and More!

Since writing my last Blog entry, we’ve been doing lots of maintenance and updates around the Resorts and Outposts. For the most part we’ve had some pretty nice weather to work with. The progress started out strong with about one week of nice weather. McVicar saw new walkways, a new boat ramp, and a new roof on the fish cleaning house. The floor of the new building at Northern Lights Resort was completed, and the fish house at Northern Lights received a new roof. The deck and walkways at Dobie got freshened up with some paint, and various other jobs got started at different locations. 
McVicar Boat Ramp
New Paint at Dobie Lake
Fish House at Northern Lights with New Roof
New Building at Northern Lights Resort

We then got hit with a couple weeks of freezing cold, windy, foggy, rainy days. Flying was not possible most days and we even got some snow! This is very typical for fall around here. We always have high hopes of getting lots of work done in the beautiful fall weather, but Mother Nature always has other plans. 

Luckily, the bad weather let up and we got another couple weeks of beautiful weather and so the work continued. Lots of work got done at Otatakan. The trees that fell last summer were cleaned up and lots of firewood was cut. Grace Lake got a new outhouse and walkway and this past weekend we spent at Shabumeni and started the clean up there. We also started building a brand new dock at Shab. 

The moose hunters that we had in camp this fall were all successful. Each party got a cow moose. We had resident deer hunters in camp just last week and they ended up with at least 12 deer total, which was fantastic. After such a harsh winter, we weren’t sure what to expect for the deer hunt. The non-resident hunt starts next week so we will see how they do.

We also had “Muskie Hunters” in camp last week at K.C.'s Landing Resort. Between three guys, they were averaging between 10 and 14 Muskies per day on the Indian Lake Chain. They caught three beautiful Tiger Muskies over 40 inches long and several other Muskies over the 40-inch mark using the live suckers that we provide. They also caught a 30-inch Walleye on a sucker! And one other thing worth mentioning, is that the September Crappie fishing was OUTSTANDING on Cedar Lake. 

Not much time left now for open-water fishing. Our bait & tackle shop in Kenora, Sunset Baits will be closing down soon and will re-open when there is ice on the lakes. We will keep you updated with freeze-up and other things going on around Clark's!

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