Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Big Plans for the Fall!

Fall is in the air… a cold front came in overnight last night and it is chilly today! The forecast is calling for nice weather, but cool temperatures. The leaves already started changing a while back. The 2014 summer season will soon be winding down for us at both the Resorts & the Outposts.

For the rest of September, the drive-in resorts are almost full with walleye fishermen and bear hunters. The walleye fishing is still great on both lakes and so far our bear hunters are 4 for 6. We have a few more coming, so we will see if they get all of their bears. It’s been more of a challenge this year with the abundance of blueberries in the forest.

October & November will bring on the moose and deer hunters and of course, our regular “Musky Hunters”. They will brave the cold weather and go for the monsters using the live sucker minnows that we provide. We can’t really say our season is coming to an end just yet. Mid-November we will be shutting things down for the winter (aside from the ice fishermen that come up starting in December).

As for the Outposts, we still have a couple more groups to fly out, but that is it for this year. With the Outpost business less busy right now, this is our window of opportunity before freeze up to do upgrades on the Outpost cabins. We have a long list of things to do so hopefully the ice holds off as long as possible. So far we are planning on new walkways at McVicar, and a new roof on the fish house and a new boat ramp at McVicar. We are going to extend the deck at Antenna, put a new boat ramp in at Bertrand, and clean up the yard at Otatakan. Grace is going to get a new outhouse and the walkways will get completed, the cabin and deck at Dobie are going to get leveled-up, and we are going to replace the boats at Meen Lake. And the work continues at Kapikik as we must finish the bathrooms, finish the walkways, and a few other finishing touches before we can call it “complete”. We’ve also started “shutting down” the Outpost cabins. They are getting a good cleaning top-to-bottom, and everything is getting put away properly for the winter.

Once the Outpost work is finished, and if the weather is still cooperating, we are going to start on a new office building at Northern Lights Resort. The new building will be the new “Outpost Headquarters”. This will be the check-in office, storage building, and also living quarters for Wayne & Karla.

Lots of work to be done in such little time! We are also working with a company to build a new website, which will be launched this fall. We will have all of our Outpost Lakes on the site, including our new ones, as well as all three Drive-In Resorts. The new site will have helpful information such as what to pack for your trip, and an online version of our new brochure!

Stay tuned for pictures of upgrades, construction, and other exciting things going on at Clark’s Resorts and Outposts! And of course, watch for our new site to launch later this fall at www.clarksresorts.com.

Until next time,

Meagan J

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