Thursday, 31 July 2014

Painting Party at Kapikik

It's been a while since I've been able to write about Kapikik Lake! I hadn't been there since Easter weekend. Shortly after that, the ice began to deteriorate. Ever since ice out, the cabin has been rented every week! We've had nothing but fantastic reviews from the guests who have stayed at Kapikik this summer. The cabin was beyond expectations and the fishing has been off the charts! One group of nine guys pulled in over 6,700 fish in one week.

It was so great to bring my husband, Devin (who hadn't seen the cabin since it was just a shell last fall) and some of my friends to this special place where I spent lots of time over the winter. It was different landing there with greenery everywhere and no snow on the ground!

We weren't exactly there just for fun... we brought with us lots of paint and deck stain. On day one we had beautiful weather so we got started on the painting right away. As we were painting away (about an hour into it) a fish actually jumped out of the water and was flopping on the dock! Adam went down to release it back into the water. We quickly wrapped up our painting for the day and jumped in the boat.

The wind was so strong that day. The lake was all white-caps. We took our boats behind the island where it was a little more sheltered. We caught a few walleye, a few northern, and two sauger. I had never seen a sauger before... I thought it was just an oddly-colored walleye. We hadn't caught enough for a meal yet, but we'd had enough of the wind so we headed back to camp to try our luck off the dock.

Turns out - the fishing off the dock was incredible! Despite the rainy weather, we caught lots of walleye for dinner.

The rain hung around for the rest of the trip. Whenever there was a break in the clouds, we would hurry outside and paint. We managed to get the first coat of paint on the cabin and we got a good start on the fish cleaning house. We ended up running out of paint so we decided to do some yard work. We had a campfire on our last evening and of course we did some fishing off the dock for dinner.

We woke up early the next day to find the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. After 4 days of cold weather and rain, it was hard to believe our plane was coming in an hour to pick us up. My Dad brought my Grandma and Grampa with him. It was there turn to stay for a few days and they lucked out with great weather.

I hope to get back there soon... summertime or winter - love that place!

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