Monday, 28 October 2013

Freeze-Up is Just Around the Corner!

Fish House at Kapkik Lake Fly-In Outpost Cabin
The Fish House at Kapkik Lake
Dad, Chris, and the crew flew North to Kapkik last week for another overnighter. This will be their last trip there on floats for this year, as the ice is already forming on some of the lakes. They will now have to wait until the ice is safe to land on and then they can fly up there on skis. They pulled the airplanes out of the water today. 

Kapkik Lake Fly-In Outpost Cabin
Insulation Done in the Cabin at Kapkik
Freeze-up is starting early this year, but Dad is very pleased with the progress that they have made at Kapkik. They have actually surpassed their timeline goal with the new cabin. This trip, they sheeted in the fish house and put the roof on. They were also able to completely insulate the cabin, which made for a more comfortable  night's sleep. 

Kapkik Lake Fly-In Outpost Cabin
Snowmobile at Kapkik Lake Cabin
Dad had a snowmobile flown in to Kapkik, which will be used this winter to pack down the runway for the airplanes and keep them out of the slush. As you can see in the picture, Chris is anxious for the snow to fall so he can get going! Dad told him that there would be no water-skipping as they need this machine for work this winter. 

As mentioned before, the ice is already forming on the shorelines on the lakes up North. Dad says its only a matter of days now until ice over. Generally, the lakes around here will freeze about 5 days after the ice forms up North, so ice-over isn't too far off for us either. 
I guess that means ice fishing is just around the corner!

Indian Lake Chain Trophy Musky Fisherman, K.C.'s Landing Resort
Last Group of Musky Fisherman at K.C.'s Landing Resort
At the drive-to camps, the musky fisherman have been doing really great so far this fall. The last group of brave musky fisherman rolled into K.C.'s Landing on Saturday. Within an hour of arriving at the camp, they were suited up, fishing gear in hand, and on their way across the lake. They are here for a week so we have our fingers crossed that the lakes won't freeze over! If the lake isn't frozen by Wednesday, they should be in the clear as the temperatures are supposed to rise mid-week. The surface temperature of the water is already down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit!

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