Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Cold Night at Kapkik

The new out-house base at Grace.
Hello again! I hope everyone enjoyed reading my last entry. I appreciate the comments that I received on Facebook. 

What a beautiful day in Northwestern Ontario!
I had coffee with my Dad this morning (over the phone) and I got to hear all about their last trip up North. The weather is holding nicely so they had another opportunity to do some work before the ground freezes. They just got back yesterday from an overnight trip up to Kapkik Lake. 

Walkways to the boats at Grace.
Dad, Chris and the team left Tuesday morning. They stopped at Grace Lake where they spent 4 hours working, and then continued on to Kapkik where they would do more work and then spend the night. 

In the 4 hours spent at Grace, they got lots of work done. They dug a new out-house hole and built the base for the new out-house. You can see why they wanted to get up there before the ground froze! They also got the cabin jacked up and levelled and cleaned up more brush around the yard. Lastly, they finished the walkways to the boat slips. The cabin is looking great now that its all level, has all new walkways, and even new deck railings! 

The new out-house at Kapkik.
Around 1 pm, they flew over to Kapikik Lake. First, Dad and Chris finished off the soffetting on the cabin while the other guys got a large hole dug for the new DOUBLE out-house. They then put down the base for the out-house,  and even got a couple of the walls up. 

They put the deck railing on the cabin deck, and did some more clean up around the area. The yard is really looking great. 

The yard and new deck rails at Kapkik.

When they were done working for the day, it was time to settle in for the night. They do have the wood stove set up in the cabin, but no insulation yet. Although it was a beautiful sunny day, when that sun goes down at this time of year, the mercury sure drops quickly. There was a very heavy frost overnight and they figured they could sleep comfortably inside the cabin with that wood stove burning. However, without insulation, Dad says they might as well have been sleeping outside!! He said they all slept FULLY clothed, even toques on their heads! (Toque is Canadian for a winter hat, in case you're wondering, lol). Dad said Chris even slept with his shoes on! Chris woke up in the morning and commented "Well, its nice to wake up and hit the ground running!". 

Once everyone was awake, they made their coffee on a fire outside and warmed up.

Just another day at the office! 

Needless to say, next on their agenda is INSULATION at Kapikik!

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