Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Indian Lake Chain - Shore Lunch

Last Friday, Jimmy planned a shore lunch for both camps on the chain, Clark's Camp and K.C.'s Landing Resort. He invited me to come along as well! It had been years since I'd been in a boat on the Indian Lake Chain so I was very excited.

Ted & his Son, Anthony.
Nice Walleye for Lunch!
We took off around 10:00 a.m. and cruised along from lake to lake. I had almost forgotten how beautiful each and every lake is on that chain. Jimmy said the guests had been doing fantastic this year. Lots of walleye caught just on Edward and Indian Lake alone, without having to travel far from camp. That day, however, our shore lunch was going to be on Boulder Lake, so we continued all the way down to Cobble to do a little fishing.

Fathers & Their Sons... New to Camp!
Jimmy and I tried a couple of his favourite spots on Cobble Lake. Within a couple of casts, we were boating some nice walleye. We caught up with the other boats from camp and showed them our spots and told them to each keep a walleye or two for lunch. The walleye were still very shallow and were biting on a 1/8 oz. jig with a minnow.
Catching Some Walleye on Cobble
One of Jimmy's Favourite Spots
Beautiful 25" Walleye Caught & Released on Cobble!
Everyone had a great morning of fishing. There was not much of a wind that day and around noon the sun came out. It was the perfect day for a shore lunch.
Myself Cleaning the Fish
Jimmy Getting the Fire Going
We filleted the fish and Jimmy got a fire going. Jimmy cooked us a wonderful lunch of walleye, fries, and beans. He cooked over the open fire on a huge cast iron fry pan. Walleye somehow taste better when cooked on the shore over a fire.

Anthony Breading the Fish
Jimmy Cooking Up a Delicious Lunch
Everyone enjoyed their lunch and swapped stories about their time spent at Clark's Resorts. The next day, everyone would be starting their long drives home. It sounded like everyone had a great week fishing the chain and very much enjoyed their time spent at Clark's. It sounded like Jimmy took good care of everyone as always! The young kids were trying to talk their Dads into staying another week... no such luck I guess... I'm sure they will be pushing for two weeks next year!

Swapping Fishing Stories
Thank you to Jimmy for a wonderful day on the water! It was much appreciated by myself and the guests!

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