Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! The Christmas holidays were great for us - filled with lots of family time and ice fishing! The fishing in the shack has been incredible so far. I've been posting a few pictures on the Facebook Page and there will be more to come. Lots of good "eaters" and a few big ones, that of course we let go.

Family Fishing on Christmas Eve
Dad and Chris have been busy with minnow trapping, despite the frigid temperatures. At times, the temperature reaches almost minus 40 Fahrenheit! Dad and I are hoping to fly up North to Kapkik soon to do some work on the cabin, but there seems to be no break in the weather in the near future. In the meantime we have been doing lots of work in the shop.

Dad has me building wooden coat racks for the cabins. He made up a few different templates for me and told me just to keep building them. I have about 50 finished and apparently I'm not done yet! When he gets an idea, its go big or go home. I have no clue where his ideas or inspiration come from, but I don't ask questions! He has called this "line" of coat racks the "Gatzke Wildlife Collection" - don't ask! 

He has taken his design to the next level this week with matching coffee tables and end tables. Who knows what he will have me building next… I really hope the weather warms up so we can get up North soon!

Only about a week until we are on the road to St. Charles, Illinois for the All Canada Show at the Pheasant Run Resort. We hope to see lots of you there! 

Happy Near Year, everyone! May 2014 bring you lots of good health and happiness!

Until next time,


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