Sunday, 1 December 2013

Website Updates & More!

Hello everyone! I hope those of you in the States had a GREAT Thanksgiving. We are getting buried in snow over here! We've had lots of big snow falls, lots of road closures and even school closures already and it's snowing again as I type. It's looking like we're going to have a very white Christmas - great for those with snowmobiles! The ice is coming along nicely, it hopefully won't be too long before we can get the ice shacks out.

Dad (Wayne) has been spending lots of time at the Eagle Junction Store doing some updates. The updates include a new coffee bar with stools and a new shelving unit for gifts. The airplanes are still being worked on... getting the skis put on so that they are ready to take flight once the ice is safe. Mom (Karla) has been working lots at the stores, both Eagle Junction and Sunset Baits. She's been putting out lots of new merchandise just in time for Christmas!

Coffee Bar at Eagle Junction
As for me, I just took (and passed!!) the Canadian Firearms Safety Course this weekend, which gets you a PAL Licence (Possession and Acquisition Licence). In the new year I will take the Hunters Safety Course and hopefully get to shoot a deer next fall! Or at least some grouse :) Something else I've been working on in the past little while is my parent's website(s) for Clark's Resorts & Outposts. I've been working lots with the guy that designs and runs the website and I'm really excited to say that the changes are all done and we are up and running!

Please visit and take look around. The biggest changes were made to the outpost pages. You can now find everything you need to know including what to pack, what is included in your trip, rates, and lots of pictures of the cabins and lakes. There is a Google Map to show you where each cabin is located and the GPS coordinates are displayed underneath the map. Many of you may have been visiting to get information on the outposts, which is the website that my parents acquired when they bought Gawley's outposts. Now that we have made so many updates to the website, you will notice that when you type in, it will bring you directly to the outpost page on (picture below).

Other updates to the website include new pictures of Clark's Camp, K.C.'s Landing, and Northern Lights Resort. We have also added a page of testimonials, so you can see what our guests have to say about their trips to the drive-to camps and outpost cabins. There is also a "request a brochure" feature on the website so that you can easily request to have a brochure mailed to you. One more update that I'm excited about is that my blog is now connected to the website! It'll be even easier to follow now.

When you're checking out the changes to the website, be sure to click on the Batmobile video (even if you've already seen it!) It's always good for a good laugh and to get you in the ice fishing spirit! Don't forget that we offer some awesome ice fishing packages to beat those winter blues! You can come and fish in one of these warm, comfortable shacks located right out from K.C.'s Landing Resort or you can be more adventurous and explore the chain of lakes on your snowmobile.

Ice Shacks at K.C.'s Landing
Sam with a nice walleye, fishing in a shack out of the cold!
That's all for now! It's time to think about Christmas decorating, baking, and shopping! It is after all, December 1st already! Hard to believe Christmas is only a few weeks away...

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